More Information Legacy Co-op Program

We’re excited to offer our Legacy Co-Op Program, where players are allowed to “demo” a Legacy game in-store and don’t have to risk $60+ on a game they may not like and cannot resell.

How does it work?
The Legacy Co-Op is simple, each player pays $5 for their Legacy game each time they play the game – with a maximum of paying three times ($15). This means that the cost of a Legacy game (like the four-player Pandemic Legacy which retails for $60) is split by the players.

With the increasing cost of Legacy games or the decreasing number of players, the cost per game/per session may be higher or lower.

What if not everybody attends?
When joining a board, every effort should be made to make our Legacy Nights so that players can all continue to enjoy the game. The general rule of thumb is that if at least three players who have signed the board are available to play, a session can take place. The absent player will not have to pay for the session they missed.

Players may NOT use characters/nations/boxes belonging to the absent player unless they have their express permission, or the game is designed in such a way that player assignment is fluid (e.g. Risk Legacy).

When is Legacy Night?
Every third Friday night is a Legacy Night, we encourage players who have signed onto a Legacy board to come and plan to play their Legacy game that night.